Networked beer tanks delight both landlords and breweries

Networked beer tanks delight both landlords and breweries

IoT – The Internet of Things starts with a sensor

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers “smart” solutions that help make life easier and more convenient, improve and streamline processes, and receive information in good time that was previously unavailable or difficult to acquire. Smart solutions are highly personalised but always begin with an object and a sensor.

A level measurement with a remote transmitter is highly practical for detecting hazards and other level and fill-level applications. Take pubs, for instance, where an emptying beer tank could be equally dangerous. In this application, two pressure sensors work at the heart of the solution to measure the liquid level in the tank and send a warning message to the brewery by e-mail via the GSM-2* remote transmitter, the mobile phone network, and the Internet. The brewery sends an automatic order proposal to the landlord, who simply has to confirm the order.

This automated, “smart” M2M (machine-to-machine) solution reduces stress for landlords and saves brewery drivers from profitless emergency weekend deliveries. Inaccurate order entries are now a thing of the past, shipping can be optimised, and landlords have a continuous supply of fresh beer. Crisis averted.

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