A new approach to energy and asset management

A new approach to energy and asset management

ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager is a state-of-the-art on-premise and cloud solution that integrates your energy and asset management in a single intuitive dashboard. Providing full remote visibility of asset and electrical-system behaviour, the solution affords the insight to minimise cost and risk and maximise performance and safety across your operations.

It achieves this by supervising your electrical system and monitoring its conditions and energy flows. The solution also verifies asset health and visualizes your system structure to provide actionable insights that enable maintenance and replacement at the optimum time.

By constantly analysing asset conditions and energy demands, ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager helps you make the right decisions at the right time. It also provides access on a multi-site level to monitor and compare the performance of different facilities at the same time.

In addition, it allows profiling of users according to the level of access they require. Upgrades and changes can be organised at any time via the ABB Ability Marketplace™. With just a click, you can customize your solution according to your needs anytime, anywhere.

As well as coming in a combined bundle, ABB Ability™ Energy Manager is also available separately. ABB Ability™ Energy Manager adds value to your facilities and sites by providing clear information about consumption to simplify cutting waste and improving energy efficiency. Facilities also benefit from lower energy bills and reductions in unplanned downtime. Plus it is scalable from a single site all the way to a multi-facility system.

Every facility has different energy needs and targets, which is why the ABB Ability™ Energy Manager uses configurable widgets to meet the needs of your organisation. And you can define, compare and access relevant results with maximised efficiency. Features include:

  • Energy functionality

Show a group’s energy consumption across a select period and compare different groups’ energy consumption across multiple sites

  • Energy Performance Index (EnPI)

Track specific performance trends by configuring the parameters, group, operation (Energy or Cost) and time period

  • Performance indicators

View your EnPi’s aggregated value, based on the data inserted using Performance Parameter API

  • Power quality

Access real-time data on parameters associated with each asset

  • Group peak monitoring

Ensure your site does not exceed contracted power with a total active power aggregate

  • Power factor

Monitor the power factor of every available asset within a defined period

  • Reporting

Get scheduled reports with relevant site information. Fully customisable to your needs, receive reports by device group and time, with the ability to compare your data

  • Alerts

Automate your alerts and receive immediate feedback on the status of your site via email or SMS

ABB Ability™ Energy Manager is an innovative cloud-based energy management tool that gives you the power to monitor, analyse, control and optimise your electrical system reaching energy efficiency and sustainability goals. It helps reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency and manage your carbon footprint, with high flexibility of application.


‘ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager: Understanding power and assets’


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