Extend the life of hydraulic cylinders and hoses with Seal Saver

Extend the life of hydraulic cylinders and hoses with Seal Saver

Extending the life of hydraulic cylinders and hoses is a cinch with Seal Saver. “It is a simple solution to a variety of hydraulic and air cylinder rod maintenance issues that boasts excellent resistance to heat, oil, chemicals, and water,” explains Craig FitzGerald from ISO Reliability Partners.

Seal Saver hydraulic cylinder boots protect seals and cylinder rods from premature failure and extends the life of equipment by preventing rod scoring and corrosion.

Hose saver protection sleeves extend the life of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses by eliminatingunnecessary expenses from downtime, oil loss, contamination, and replacement hoses. The hose protectors are adjustable to fit various hose sizes.

Each sleeve wraps around a single hose or bundle to eliminate chaffing and protect them in thetoughest working environments. The easy-to-install protection sleeves use a unique VELCRO® closure for quick and simple installation, with no disconnection of the hose required.

They are ideal for any environment on virtually any machine, including industrial machinery and heavy equipment. The range is available in ballistic nylon, Kevlar, or silicon models, which can all withstand temperatures up to 1 000°C.

Seal Saver also prevents silt-sized particles from entering the hydraulic system via the rod seals. Once in the system, these tiny particles can act as a lapping compound, causing valves and pumps to wear and ultimately damaging the entire hydraulic system.

FitzGerald comments: “Seal Saver stops the influx of contaminants, so the hydraulic system always remains clean and fully operational. It saves equipment owners’ significant time and money in repairs and unexpected downtime.”

The effectiveness of Seal Saver was proven dramatically at an unforeseen accident in 2015 at Rand Refinery in Germiston which saw molten metal being spilled. Fortunately, the company had installed Seal Saver protective covers on its 5-m-long hydraulic cylinders, which effectively protected them from destruction and a considerable 3 weeks in lost production.

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