Oct 7, 2022

3-in-1 electronic measuring tool offers a new angle on productivity

The Stabila TECH 700 DA measures and transfers interior and exterior angles from 0° to 270°. The digital display with large digits, and back-lighting that can be dimmed accordingly, ensures optimum readability, even in poor lighting conditions. Two particularly wide contact edges ensure that angles can be marked reliably in all positions, Upat National Product Specialist Charl Weber explains.

The ‘lock’ function allows operators to use the angle finder as a handy bevel gauge. The tool’s design also means it is ideal as a spirit level, as its horizontal and vertical vials can be viewed easily, even when the arm is folded in. An electronic module means that the angle measurements required for a wide array of daily construction activities can be carried out conveniently and quickly.

The ‘ref’ function accepts and saves reference angles, and transfers these to other components. The ‘hold’ function saves the measured values, thereby guaranteeing accurate measurements and quick transfer, even in hard-to-see places. The angle bisectors can also be displayed at the touch of a button, which makes it ideal for quick and accurate miter cuts.

The electronic angle measurement function delivers precise measuring results with an accuracy of about 0.1°, with the module switching off automatically if not used for 60 minutes. The electronic module is IP 54-rated for protection against dust deposits and water spray.

Furthermore, the high-quality Stabila vials enable components to be aligned accurately. Vial-installation technology ensures long-term accuracy when measuring. Measuring accuracy in a normal position is ± 0.5 mm/m, and ± 0.75 mm/m in reverse position.

The high-quality aluminium rectangular profile with reinforcing ribs ensures high stability and a secure grip, while providing for accurate measurements even under the most demanding conditions. Additionally, the tool’s coated measuring surfaces adds to its rugged durability. The Stabila TECH 700 DA is available in two lengths, namely 45 cm and 80 cm, with both including a bag for safe transport and storage on construction sites, in workshops, or in vehicles.

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