Anchoring the underground mining industry with fischer fixings

When a mining client had a requirement for a special type of anchor for an underground application, it turned to leading supplier Upat, which subsequently customised a fischer EXA Express Anchor. It is now not only a standard item for the mining client, but has turned into a substantial supply contract for Upat.

The anchor was customised to include a cabling eye in its design, as opposed to the traditional two-component thread-on system. This is an example of the innovative approach adopted by Upat in being sufficiently flexible to be able to respond to the specific needs of its clients, Technical Specialist – Mining & Utilities Clayton Dry comments.

“Being a premium, high-end engineering brand, we are finding that fischer is being specified more and more for mining applications in particular. This is due largely to the industry’s stringent health and safety requirements, as anchors are always safety-critical components,” Dry explains.

Coupled with this is the fact that fischer products are guaranteed to perform in accordance with their correct specification and application. A broad range of fischer fixings is available that are suitable for most sectors of the mining industry. These range from massive mechanical anchors for underground mining to chemical anchors.

Chemical anchors, in particular, are specified for rock faces with potential cracks or voids. Mechanical anchors are ideal for areas such as walkways, handrails, or electrical works, where the quality of the substrate is a known quantity.

Here a good example is the fischer FBN II through anchor, a cost-efficient fixing for flexible use in non-cracked concrete. It is a steel anchor with a long thread and variable anchorage depths. In addition to pre-positioned and push-through installation, it is suitable for stand-off installation. A stainless-steel design makes it sufficiently flexible to be applied for façade substructures, cantilevers, and ladders on the surface.

Looking at the fischer EXA Express Anchor, Dry explains that it is a quick anchor for push-through and pre-positioned installations. When the hexagon nut is tightened, the tapered bolt is pulled into the double expansion clips, expanding it effectively and quickly against the wall of the hole. The clip’s stainless-steel construction means it is Class III corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for arduous mining environments. The EXA Express Anchor is produced in varying types of steel, such as EN8 and stainless steel, for various climates and operating conditions.

Dry concludes that Upat is recognised as a professional and reliable solutions provider. Upat’s increased focus on the mining industry is paying handsome dividends, with all of its premium brands – from fischer fixings to Stabila measuring equipment and Milwaukee power tools and ancillary equipment – being specified increasingly due to their quality and innovation, backed-up by Upat’s full technical support.

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