Sep 27, 2022

Another NOSCAR award for thyssenkrupp

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa has once again earned the country’s highest safety award, the NOSA NOSCAR award.

“Health and safety are no-compromise zones at thyssenkrupp,” states Christo de Beer, Quality Management, Health and Safety Manager at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa. “These sought after NOSCAR and Winner of Sector awards in our achievement portfolio echo the fact that thyssenkrupp operates as a tier one company and is a serious competitor within the various industries that we serve.”

Maintaining high health and safety standards is crucial in creating a safe and productive working environment. Subsequently, thyssenkrupp leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to implement all necessary measures in order to maintain safe workplaces as well as to prevent accidents, occupational diseases and occupational health hazards. “Over the past two years we have exceeded our safety targets and we hope to extend it even further.”

With OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001:2015 Management Systems and NOSCAR accreditations, thyssenkrupp remains committed to adhering to strict SHEQ procedures. De Beer confirms that thyssenkrupp’s management system is highly comprehensive and is continuously updated to align with changing safety and environmental legislation. “We continuously strive to improve our health, safety and environmental performance in order to achieve our ultimate Zero goals. It is imperative that we uphold high levels of SHEQ at all times as it is intrinsic to every aspect of our business i.e. our employees, products and services, brand and of course, our valued customers.”

The vision zero initiative adopted over the past five years as part of thyssenkrupp’s drive to continuously improve SHEQ has made a significant contribution to the company once again achieving a 5 star SHEQ rating. Focussed on changing mind-sets to drive behaviour change, the initiative is centred on zero injuries for thyssenkrupp employees including contractors and visitors, zero tolerance for unsafe behaviours and conditions, zero compromise on safety and health as well as zero impact on the environment and communities.

According to De Beer, the program has been a resounding success altering employee beliefs and behaviours. “A safe and healthy working environment cannot be achieved by a single person. It takes teamwork and buy-in from all employees to ensure that thyssenkrupp is a leading safety-first company. Our employees have unitedly embraced an integrated safety culture and are more safety conscious, at all times looking out for each other.”

De Beer points out that thyssenkrupp’s journey to once again achieving a NOSCAR rating was not without its challenges. “The realignment of processes and systems, visibly felt leadership and behaviour transformations formed part of our efforts to create one holistic safety culture.”

The advantages of maintaining a NOSA 5 star SHEQ rating extends beyond thyssenkrupp to its customers. By ensuring a safe working environment for employees and sub-contractors alongside maintaining excellent safety records, the company also contributes to its customers’ success in meeting their safety objectives and targets.

De Beer explains that having achieved this notable accomplishment only means that they will continue to further boost their safety-centric drive. A safe and secure working environment improves employee health and welfare, increases job satisfaction and raises employee retention rates. With top management pledging its commitment to ensuring a safe and secure work environment, thyssenkrupp aims to continue its efforts to minimise risks and incidents through further employee training and upskilling, the implementation of best practices in business and a continued focus on contractor management.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions CEO, Sub-Saharan Africa, Philipp Nellessen, concludes: “We are extremely proud of our noteworthy health and safety achievements and awards which are indicative of thyssenkrupp’s relentless endeavour to augment our safety standards to the ultimate benefit of our employees, our customers as well as our communities.”

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