Oct 7, 2022

Aury Africa Mozambique Lda is established in Tete

The burgeoning coal-mining industry in Mozambique has seen the successful establishment of Aury Africa Mozambique Lda in Tete, Aury Africa Managing Director Sydney Parkhouse reveals. In recent years, Mozambique has proven to be a country with great potential, particularly in the coal-mining sector.

This is an area in which Aury and, in particular, its holding company, Dadi Engineering and Development Group (DEDG), has many years of experience in both design and operation. Parkhouse comments that Mozambique is on an upward investment trend as more international companies view the country in a positive light.

Establishing a strong presence in the country itself is an important part of Aury Africa extending its footprint on the continent. “Any company operating in a foreign country needs to have a local presence. The growing demand requires local expertise to be developed by those with the necessary skills,” Parkhouse stresses.

Aury already has a depth of experience in China, Australia, and South Africa that can be tapped into in order to add value to the Mozambican market. Here it will offer its full range of solutions, from basic screening to its latest Telligent Dry Separator (TDS) technology.

“We will be trialling our exciter drive units and centrifuge baskets in order to prove their reliability and performance. In addition, we are exploring opportunities for our RFID asset management and inspection system,” Parkhouse reveals.

Aury is one of the largest global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) specialising in screening and sorting equipment such as vibrating screens and feeders, centrifuges, cyclones, dry sorters, and associated consumable supplies.

“Africa is the perfect market for our international expansion objectives. We see Mozambique as a great opportunity from which we will piggyback throughout the region, including Zimbabwe and Zambia,” Parkhouse concludes.

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