Oct 7, 2022

Banding & ID Solutions Africa looks to continent for growth

The South Africa-headquartered company already has distributors in Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Botswana servicing these markets. However, Banding & ID Solutions is planning on mobilising more of its own personnel on the ground in these neighbouring countries to actively promote the use of Band-It products.

Banding & ID Solutions Africa Sales Director Rosa Dos Remendos says the increased focus on the export market forms part of the company’s action plan for 2018. It aims to achieve this growth is by working more closely with its in-country distribution partners in the marketing of Band-It products.

Given the hands-on nature of the Band-It range, there is a need for sales people to physically demonstrate the products and their correct application and benefits. “We aim to provide our distribution partners with new techniques to better understand and market the Band-It range by providing our sales staff with focused product and application training.

“This will assist them in marketing the products proactively, instead of just responding to customer enquiries. The training will also simultaneously assist us in better understanding our distribution partners and their markets,” Remendos explains.

Banding & ID Solutions Africa Sales Representative Matthew Campbell adds that the company is a lot more than just a supplier of bands, buckles, and cables ties. “We are a provider of a comprehensive range of band clamping and fastening solutions.”

Additionally, the company aims to gain greater traction in the application of Band-It products in manufacturing plants and refineries, among others. “We have sold many units into the mining sector, mainly platinum mines in the North West and Limpopo provinces.

“However, during the course of 2018, we will be actively seeking to expand our footprint into more regions and diversified commodity sectors, as well as into neighbouring countries,” Campbell concludes.

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