Sep 27, 2022

BI set to add ContiTech belts to its extensive range of premium brands

Gruppe von Antriebsriemen mit lesbaren Markennamen: CONTI MULTIRIB, CONTI-V FO ADVANCE

Leading supplier Bearings International (BI) is set to add to its extensive basket of premium brands and world-class products following a visit by the ContiTech Power Transmission Group to discuss a local distribution agreement for its belt products for industrial and heavy-duty applications.

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group develops and manufactures drive belts, matched components, and complete belt-drive systems for vehicles, machines and systems for both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the aftermarket. For example, its banded V-belts are ideal for vertical drive shafts, clutching drives, and V-belt drives.

These are ideal to minimise vibration and belt whip, especially in heavy-duty shock-load applications. The banded or joined construction prevents rollover and reduces vibration tendencies. Productivity is maximised by eliminating groove mismatch or belt turnover problems, which are common on drives with a combination of long belt spans and/or pulsating loads.

ContiTech also manufactures specialty belts for constant speed delivery and excellent rigidity, while retaining flexibility and strong gripping traction. Power transmission belts are supplied in traditional, classic, and narrow-profile V-belt forms, with particular attention paid to features such as total lifetime cost, quiet running, and increased efficiency.

A premium synchronous belt range is also available where minimal elongation is necessary, a synchronous drive and/or high efficiency up to 98% is requested, with no metal-to-metal contact, and no need for constant lubrication.

Karl Weindinger, General Manager: Sales for Western Europe and Africa, recently paid a visit to BI’s Parkhaven, Johannesburg head office to formally commence with the process of discussing the details of the potential distributorship. “As a global belt manufacturer, we rely on key partners to import and distribute our products. We are excited at the prospect of strengthening our cooperation with the BI family, which is predicated on representing some of the top brands and products globally.”

Weindinger adds that BI’s centralised warehouse, well-established customer base in a range of industries, experience and technical expertise, and a full product range make it an ideal partner for ContiTech. “It is early days yet, but we are very excited at the potential synergy that stands to be unlocked by our collaboration.”

Brian Tillie, BI Chain and Belt Transmission Drives Product Manager, adds that the tie-up will allow the company to diversify even further into additional market sectors, as well as boost the credibility of its premium product focus.

“The main features of ContiTech’s products are their lifetime and guaranteed performance, in addition to the lowest total cost of ownership. This is increasingly important to our industrial clients, where costly downtime can be minimised by using quality products,” BI Customer Offer Marketing Manager Victor Strobel concludes.

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