Oct 7, 2022

Bird Technologies launches new Channel Power Monitor during SA visit

COMTEST Solutions recently hosted Bird Technologies’ sales manager Mike Gathergood, at their Gauteng offices – South Africa being the latest of 14 countries he has visited so far this year in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region he services – with a two-pronged objective.


The main focus of Mike’s visit was the launch of Bird’s new Channel Power Monitor, combined with some product training on the Site Hawk and Signal Hawk devices, followed up with meetings with both dealers and clients.


“I’m particularly excited about the launch of Bird’s new Channel Power Monitor, designed for monitoring the individual transmission sites and antennas of critical communications systems, such as the TETRA Systems used by the various emergency services. The system can also be used to monitor the mission-critical radio systems of Airports, Sea Ports, Coastguards and Private Security Companies,” commented Mike.


The system monitors critical communication transmissions and alerting operators to a fault, for example, if the transmitters power output has been reduced, or if there is a fault on the antenna or cable. Corrective action can be taken before the end user is even aware there is a problem, with the optimum being a “no-outage” result.


The device is connected via an IP network back to central monitoring site and incorporated into whatever network management system the end user is using, and it is also compatible with SNMP.  The goal is to proactively look after the remote sites, so rather than users calling in faults (“My radio doesn’t work!”) while responding to an emergency call, or trying to land an aircraft!  There is now an awareness of the situation/fault before the user becomes aware of it, and maintenance can be planned ahead.  Very frequently, these initial incidences start slowly and spiral downward over a period of time before actually causing a failure, and this system allows for identification and action-taking.


Gary Casper, Comtest product manager added, “Comtest has a couple of upcoming exhibitions, “Fibre-to-the-Home” conference and “AFRICA Telecoms”, and this information-boost will be incorporated into our offering.  Mike has specialist knowledge and essential technical details, so that the Comtest team has an in-depth understanding of the Bird product range, and especially the new Channel Power Monitor, enabling the team to recommend the right product to our customers.”


For more information on Bird Technologies’ new Channel Power Monitor  contact Comtest 0n 010 595 1821 or sales@comtest.co.za

Bird Technologies is an industry leading provider of RF communications products, services, calibration, and training to the Public Safety, Cellular Communications, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Broadcast, Semiconductor, Military, Government and Medical markets. 


Pic1. Bird Tech’s Mike Gathergood in SA to visit Comtest for the launch of their new Channel Power Monitor

Pic2. Bird Tech’s newly launched Channel Power Monitor

Pic3. L-R: Bird Tech’s Mike Gathergood with the Comtest Team to workshop and launch Bird’s new Channel Power Monitor


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