Sep 27, 2022

Cloud-based solution enhances compliance and risk management

A cloud-based platform to enhance performance in procurement and onboarding times, Passport 360 allows for improved visibility with regard to compliance, time and safety, and risk management, resulting in increased productivity.

This results in a safer and more productive workplace. In addition, simplified and accessible systems allow for greater participation from all stakeholders. The main aim of Passport 360 is to improve overall organisational efficiency from the moment the first contractor is engaged, all the way to the end of the project lifecycle.

“Our solution ensures transparency, productivity, and efficiency within the procurement and onboarding process,” Siobhan Whitehead, Director and Co-Founder of Passport 360, explains. “We aim to change and improve processes by applying technology that results in better and more sustainable outcomes for all our clients and stakeholders.” Clients include leading Blue Chip companies such as WBHO, Concor, ABB, Anglo American, De Beers, and Thyssenkrupp.

Passport 360 is a pioneer in creating a health and safety platform that allows organisations to optimise their administration, health and safety, procurement, and compliance requirements in an integrated online environment.

For example, major client Kumba Iron Ore in the Northern Cape used Passport 360 to replace paper-based systems and processes with online automation and mobility. One of the largest opencast mines in South Africa, Kumba has 600 contractors, employs over 8 000 workers, and produces over 1.5 Mt of iron ore.

The paper-based process adopted traditionally by Kumba was not only drawn-out and tedious, but resulted in costly delays and inefficiencies. The resultant inconsistent standards and requirements across all sites caused much confusion, duplication, and cost inflation, not to mention added risk. “Kumba’s operations called for constant monitoring of compliance in real-time, with the added benefit of readily-accessible information in the event of any incident,” Whitehead elaborates.

The mining giant subsequently implemented the Passport 360 onboarding solution to streamline and improve its contractor onboarding times, resulting in significant cost-savings. The solution was rolled out at four sites, namely Kolomela, Sishen, Saldanha Bay, and Kumba Iron Ore Head Office.

“We met with Kumba to assess its requirements for contractor management, which allowed us to customise an online solution for its specific requirements,” Simon Warne, System Architect and Co-Founder of Passport 360, outlines. The system essentially integrates four essential elements. These comprise:

  1. Individual people compliance, including an online profile for every person on-site, accessible via a QR code, and full learner management, with online training service and micro learning capability.
  2. Service provider profiles, including vendor pre-qualification and star rating system;
  3. Plant and equipment in terms of tracking and monitoring; and
  4. Tools.

The safety management system overlays and integrates across all these four elements. The client package incorporates a simple, step-by-step activation wizard that allows the corporate client to set and manage its procurement and compliance requirements with consummate ease. All necessary documentation can be uploaded by service providers, linking employees, tools, and equipment to form a cohesive online contractor information pack.

The service provider package assists in speeding up the onboarding process, and also optimises client engagement and interaction. Online safety packs replace the need to submit hard-copy safety files to clients for every new project.

Company documentation can be uploaded and stored for clients to peruse and validate compliance. The site is able to view contractor packs in advance, red-flagging any discrepancies before going to site. The Passport 360 app gives clients full mobility, allowing for easy approvals and uploads in the field.

Whitehead points out that, apart from service providers and corporates, individuals can also create free profiles on Passport 360 in order to manage their own compliance records, ensuring a perfect fit with client requirements, which allows for speedy project completion. “Our system is quick to join, easy to understand, and can assist individuals in securing contracting work when needed,” she concludes.

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