Oct 7, 2022

Complete solution from Bobcat paves the way in roadwork projects

Not only does Bobcat Equipment South Africa offer some of the toughest and most innovative machines on the market, it can also supply complete equipment solutions to speed up project delivery, enhance health and safety, and improve overall quality.

A recent example was a well-known civils company utilising Bobcat machines for a cold-asphalt walkway and road-patching repairs. This consisted of a S650 and S850 skidsteer loader, a Pavijet MG7, a 610 mm to 1 m planer attachment, and a sweeper attachment with a collector bucket.

“Whether you are building new walkways, parking lots, or carrying out reconstruction/maintenance work, we have a comprehensive range of Bobcat machines and attachments to transform any job site into a hive of productivity,” KwaZulu-Natal GM Brian Rachman explains.

“A complete solution from Bobcat not only ensures that clients have the toughest and most innovative equipment on hand, but that they also have access to our renowned service support and technical back-up,” Rachman comments.

“What makes these solutions so cost-effective and productive for our construction clients, in particular, is the wide range of different attachments available, combined with the fact that we have specialised machines such as asphalt pavers. In addition, a full array of roadwork applications can be catered for by seamlessly combining different machines into a comprehensive fleet,” Rachman highlights.

The Bobcat S650 skidsteer loader is a vertical lift path model in the 600 series frame size. It offers increased lifting capacity, and provides greater forward reach at full lift height for loading trucks. The Tier 3 four-cylinder turbo diesel engine delivers excellent power and performance. The Bobcat S850HF is the largest skidsteer loader in the line-up, and is ideal for largescale projects such as roadworks.

The internationally-patented Pavijet MG7 is ideal for tough maintenance jobs such as patching roads, sidewalks, curbing, pavements, and parking lots. Compact and easy-to-use, it also boasts the capability to bypass obstacles such as advertising signs and trees, thanks to an innovative retractable screed.

The Pavijet MG7 can efficiently handle gravel, sand, stone, hot or cold asphalt, and concrete fills. The same machine can even be used to spread the fill, and later to pave as well. The paving width ranges from 0.2 m to 1.9 m.

The Bobcat planer attachment makes easy work of cutting through difficult materials such as concrete and milling asphalt. A major advantage is the optimum manoeuvrability offered, at a much lower total cost than other dedicated planers on the market. Features include precision planer skis, optional cutting drums, and depth gauges.

The planer attachment gives the operator clear visibility of the skis and depth gauges from the cab. The bits mounted on the planer’s revolving drum are tungsten carbide-tipped for maximum toughness. Another advantage is that it can be used for clean-up operations once a project has been completed, from recycling milled materials to finishing off any asphalt work.

In addition, roadway edges can be tapered and drainage channels cut in concrete. Like all Bobcat equipment, the planer attachment is durable, versatile, and easy-to-operate. Every aspect of a project can be controlled, including the slope control, width, and depth, all from the comfort of the operator’s seat.

The Bobcat sweeper attachment can collect, dump, and sweep up any dirt and debris lying around before or after any project. From roadways and driveways to docks and warehouses, these are by far the most versatile sweeping attachments available. Featuring a heavy-duty, smooth-running hydraulic motor, it uses durable poly bristles. A sweeper bucket collects all the dirt and debris from the project area for easy disposal.

“Bobcat’s innovation is that clients never have to deal with installing and removing multiple attachments by using tools. Instead all that is needed is the renowned clip-on, clip-off Bob-Tach system. Clients can rest assured that they are getting the most innovative, high-quality products on the market, all backed by a one-year warranty. Our customer service is also guaranteed, facilitated by trained technical staff who can provide assistance from assembly to repair,” Rachman concludes.

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