May 25, 2022

Concrete consolidation with freedom of movement

Wacker Neuson launches the world’s first internal vibrator with replaceable battery as a backpack system.


The battery-internal vibrator system from Wacker Neuson, presented at Bauma 2019 for the first time, is now available. The battery-converter backpack makes it possible to work without a power cable, which means new freedom of movement for the end user and a high level of operating comfort during concrete consolidation. The powerful lithium-ion battery offers power for a whole workday.

 They can be seen in application on almost every construction site in building construction: Internal vibrators that make concrete stronger and more resistant. The concrete comes onto the construction site and then must be processed as quickly as possible. Wacker Neuson has always offered powerful equipment that is time-tested and proven on the market for this purpose. With the latest design and development, the battery-powered internal vibrator IEe, the operator can now work even faster, more comfortably and safer. The powerful lithium-ion battery is inserted in a converter backpack (ACBe). The operator thus carries the power source directly when working, eliminating the need for long power cables. In large areas in particular, this saves the operator a great deal of time compared to cabled internal vibrators where the internal vibrators or converter have to be moved to a closer power source. In addition, the operator can move around freely, because he does not have to pay attention to cables or protection hoses lying around. This offers an additional safety aspect, especially when working on scaffolding and formwork. Safety risks from power cables in wet concrete are also completely eliminated.

“We have been one of the leading providers within the range of concrete technology for decades. With the battery-powered internal vibrator system, we have now developed a world’s first,” reports Stefan Pfetsch, managing director of Wacker Neuson Production GmbH. “We are the only provider on the market to offer a battery backpack with a replaceable battery. Our customers can therefore use the same battery from other construction equipment from our product portfolio as well or continue working with a second battery while the first one charges. We are offering our customers a very flexible and convenient solution for concrete consolidation as a supplement to our existing portfolio.”

 Flexible and safe concrete consolidation including wearing comfort

Anyone who likes to hike or is on the go in the mountains appreciates the quality of a good backpack. Wacker Neuson has developed an ergonomic carrying system for the battery of the zero emission internal vibrator together with a leading manufacturer: The weight is evenly distributed thanks to the compact dimensions of the backpack and the padded shoulder and hip straps. The required converter, which guarantees a protective low voltage of 34 volts, is integrated into this backpack. The battery is inserted into the backpack in just a few easy steps with no tools required. This make it possible to quickly change the battery at any time.

Efficient compacting Save costs

The battery-powered internal vibrator offers the usual benefits of the Wacker Neuson IE series: The vibrator head is hardened in the front third and the high-frequency operation ensures a stable rpm and therefore an optimal quality result in concrete consolidation. In addition, it is sturdy, durable and reliable. The new internal vibrator system is modular: Internal vibrators with different vibrator head sizes and protection hoses can be connected to the battery backpack. In this way, rental yards, for example, with lower investment costs and little space requirements can keep the entire range of vibrator head and hose sizes available and thus offer the right solution for a wide variety of applications. Customers can choose between three standard protection hose lengths (1.5, 3 and 5 meters) and vibrator heads in three different diameters (38, 45 and 58 millimeters).

One for everything: 7 devices 1 battery

In addition to the high-frequency internal vibrator system, six other zero emission products from Wacker Neuson are operated with the same, ultra-modern lithium ion battery, which was specifically designed for the harsh use in the construction industry. It provides enough power for all work that a unit needs to do on an average workday. Two models of the replaceable battery with different powers – BP1000 and BP1400 – form the heart of the seven units and can be changed in no time so that the operator can replace the discharged battery with a charged one in just a few seconds. Whether the internal vibrator IEe, vibratory plates AP2560e, AP1840e or AP1850e, or the battery rammers AS30e, AS50e and AS60e: they are all always ready for use at any time thanks to the modular system with exchangeable batteries. In addition to the emission-free construction equipment for compaction, Wacker Neuson’s zero emission portfolio also includes a dual power excavator, a wheel loader, a track dumper and a wheel dumper. The market launch of a 1.7 ton electric mini-excavator is also in the works. This means that an entire inner city construction site can already be operated emission-free.


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