Oct 7, 2022

The lack of awareness among customers in the Africa and Middle East region about the benefits of using Cummins genuine parts only has resulted in a plethora of will-fit distributors muscling into the aftermarket.

The ‘will-fit’ products are components sold as replacement rather that are non-genuine parts.

According to Mornay Annandale, New & Recon Parts Marketing Director, Cummins Africa Middle East, the main reason cited for using will-fit components is to reduce costs, even though this ultimately compromises the engine’s lifespan.

Annandale said customers are often unaware that, not only are they not getting the maximum performance out of the engines, but that future maintenance costs are also increased.

As part of a two-pronged strategy, Cummins also provided the clients’ technicians with best-practice maintenance training.

“It is not sufficient just to standardise on genuine parts, but these also have to be installed correctly, and according to proper specifications. We are finding, increasingly, that such training is essential in the Africa and Middle East region, where there tends to be a shortage of technical expertise,” Annandale said.

What gives Cummins the leading edge in this regard in Africa and the Middle East is that it has the necessary logistics infrastructure and footprint to be able to meet the demand for Aftermarket Parts and Training throughout the continent.

“What it all boils down to at the end of the day is how we can assist our customers in reducing their total cost of ownership.

“The first, and most obvious, step is to use Cummins genuine parts only,” Annandale said.


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