Sep 27, 2022

Deliver innovative learning content effortlessly with Passport 360

From classroom-based learning to on-line learning programmes and blended learning solutions, fresh and innovative learning content can be delivered conveniently to clients via the Passport 360 system’s smartphone app or desktop computers.

“Our highly-skilled resellers are also registered training providers who can assist with all our clients’ content development needs,” Passport 360 Director and Co-Founder Siobahn Whitehead comments. An added benefit is that all individuals working on a project site can be managed seamlessly.

Positions can be managed, with an appropriate legal appointment matrix assigned accordingly, while contractors can link staff to specific project positions. “A definite advantage is clear visibility into workforce compliance across the project site,” Whitehead stresses.

The job match function can be used to access compliant individuals who are on the job market, while permits can be issued based on specific site requirements. A built-in Learner Management System (LMS) makes it a cinch to upload new training material, and also to keep track of all training that has been completed successfully.

The assessment module allows for effortless electronic assessments, while badge barcodes can simply be scanned to access individual ‘smart’ records. This can also be used to link and monitor Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Passport 360 is a cloud-based platform to enhance performance in procurement and onboarding times. It allows for improved visibility with regard to compliance, time and safety, and risk management, resulting in increased productivity. This results in a safer and more productive workplace. In addition, simplified and accessible systems allow for greater participation from all stakeholders.

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