Sep 27, 2022

GEM Kathu supplies three SANY excavators to the AMG Group

Goscor Earth Moving (GEM) Kathu, part of the Goscor Group, has continued its growth in the important Northern Cape mining region with the recent delivery of three SANY SY500H excavators to the AMG Group (Africa Mining Group) in September.

This major new manganese-mining client currently has a fleet of ten excavators, ten load-haul dump trucks, and six front-end loaders. The three SANY SY500H excavators were procured to assist in extending the AMG Group’s existing mining area, thereby boosting monthly production significantly, Chief Operating Officer Scott Yuan explains. Yuan is a mechanical and project engineer with a decade’s experience in the mining industry.

“We are a mining and beneficiation company focused on investing, prospecting, excavating, and trading in Africa. Our specialty is to implement efficient and effective mining and beneficiation techniques to ensure we receive maximum value from the product, converting unsaleable low-grade ore to a saleable product,” Yuan elaborates.

Commenting on the decision to opt for SANY equipment, Yuan highlights that comparative brand research conducted by the AMG Group, necessitated by the significant capital outlay of this acquisition, revealed that SANY was both cost-competitive and featured superior performance.

“In addition, the back-up service and technical support we receive from GEM Kathu is excellent. The professionalism of the service team, combined with the ready availability of spare parts, also made a good impression,” Yuan adds.

GEM Kathu Acting Branch Manager Rudi Burger, who facilitated this important deal, stresses that the AMG Group is the kind of Blue Chip mining client likely to give the SANY brand good legs in the Northern Cape region. “We have already sold two new front-end loaders to a sub-contractor.”

With a rated power output of 298 kW, a dig depth of 8 255 mm, and a bucket breakout force of 275 kN, the SANY SY500H is ideal for heavy-duty mining operations. “The powerful engine and large bucket combination translates into fast operation and high efficiency,” Burger stresses.

Additional features include a removable counterweight that reduces travel restrictions and cuts transport costs, while the large engine compartment facilitates maintenance. Service cycles are extended even further due to long-life oil and filters. The optimised cabin ensures maximum operator comfort, visibility, and safety.

Burger concludes that GEM Kathu is expecting a significant uptake in new SANY equipment in the Northern Cape, especially considering that the prices of major commodities such as manganese and iron have not only stabilised, but are on an upward trend.

“We have found that the main benefit of the SANY brand for our mining customers is that, being highly price-competitive, they can easily afford new equipment, and enjoy all the latest technological developments and refinements that SANY is renowned for,” Burger concludes.

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