Oct 7, 2022

High-quality screening, vibrating solutions for African mining industry

The African mining industry needs high-quality screening and vibrating equipment solutions, supported by rapid turnaround around times and expert technical back-up, which is where Aury Africa stands to play a key role on the continent.

This was the message from senior management from Dadi Engineering Development Group (DDEDG), which paid a visit to Group company Aury Africa in August to reinforce ties, and seek out new opportunities in the Sub-Saharan African mining and mineral-processing sectors.

DDEDG has designed more than 30 open-cut and underground coal-mine projects to date, as well as more than 130 coal preparation plants, and three coal-water slurry plants. It has also completed over 100 turnkey coal process plants to date.

This has included the supply of a large quantity of coal-processing equipment such as vibrating banana screens, horizontal screens, high-frequency screens, and dewatering centrifuges, in addition to complete centralised control systems, high- and low-voltage power distribution, valves, and pipes.

The Group has high expectations for Aury Africa, DDEDG Group Vice President Dongping Wang said on his visit. It is intended that the African operation achieve a level of success similar to sister companies Aury Tianjin in China and Aury Australia, which have become leaders in their respective markets.

“We value the African minerals-processing industry highly, as it forms an integral part of the Group’s global expansion strategy,” Wang commented. It is for this reason that Aury Africa is looking to introduce new technologies to the African mining industry, such as intelligent dry sorting systems and ‘smart’ plants, in order to improve operational efficiency and environmental awareness.

By end-2018 it is anticipated that there will be over 60 DDEDG dry-sorting systems in operation in China alone, a highly successful ‘green’ innovation that does not consume water and media, and therefore offers significant value-add benefits for mining operations in Africa.

The Group’s ‘smart’ plant concept utilises automated control and sensor technology to monitor key parameters to boost operational efficiency on a proactive, real-time basis. These range from pump pressure to conveyor-belt speeds. All software and hardware in this regard is proprietary, and has been developed specifically by DDEDG for the mining industry.

The Group’s first ‘smart’ plant system is currently being commissioned as a retrofit on a 30 mtpa Chinese coal-handling process plant, proving the technology’s suitability for refurbishment, which is a key criterion in the African mining industry.

DDEDG Australia Managing Director Xiaoming Yuan added that it was vital for the Group to meet key clients, especially in Africa. “Our discussions have proven to be very productive, with customers duly impressed by our innovation, in addition to the support and back-up received from the highly-experienced Aury Africa team.” This includes Managing Director Sydney Parkhouse, Production and Support Manager John Wills, and Business Development Manager George Sturgeon.

“It is always a great honour to host the DDEDG management here in South Africa. We are proud that Aury Africa is well on its way to become a solutions provider for vibrating and screening solutions for the continent, largely due to the international support and expertise we are able to tap into,” Parkhouse concluded.

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