Oct 7, 2022

Ideal wear solution from truck beds to shovel buckets and dozer blades

Chromium carbide (CrC) overlay plate from wear engineering specialist Rio-Carb is an ideal wear solution for a range of applications, from truck beds to dozer blades, shovel buckets, front-end loaders, and dragline buckets.

The plate features a standard smooth surface with relief cracks, a ductile and workable backplate, a quality-controlled fusion zone, and a hard CrC overlay. It forms the basis of an engineered truck bed liner system that offers significant cost of ownership and return on investment benefits for customers, Rio-Carb General Manager Sias Suurd explains.

Available in a hybrid liner package, the system greatly improves the wear life of truck beds, due to the fact that the plate wears down at a uniform rate, which means it is less maintenance-intensive, as well as increasing productivity dramatically.

Other advantages are that the system has been designed to reduce welding, and can be customised in terms of its overall weight. No micro dead boxes are required at the rear of the truck, with no carry back either. In addition, offloading material by means of tipping is accelerated as a result, due to a reduced friction coefficient.

“Our engineering department is available for consultation for specific customer requirements, while our advanced manufacturing provides a quick turnaround on replacement components,” Suurd adds. In terms of dozer blades and shovel buckets, Rio-Carb manufactures liner packages for a range of models and sizes.

Looking at haul trucks, Suurd highlights that Rio-Carb has designed liner packages with varying thicknesses in order to match the wear pattern on the load body. “The aim is to provide a liner package that wears evenly, thereby providing the longest possible life between liner replacements. The ultimate benefit for customers is a significantly lower total cost of ownership,” he concludes.

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