TOURISM Intelligence International, a reputable organisation based in Germany and Trinidad, has pledged to partner with the Government to raise the profile of Zambia’s tourism sector on the world map.
The organisation is a highly respected travel and tourism consultancy serving government and private sector clients in both established and emerging tourism destinations internationally.
It enjoys a worldwide reputation for the quality of research, analysis, advice and strategic planning in the field of international travel and tourism sectors.
Tourism Minister Charles Banda said the organisation had expressed interest to help put the country’s tourism sector on world map owing to its potential drawing from natural environment, from which abound a variety of attractions.
Mr Banda said tourism was a key lever of economic diversification and Government would embrace partnerships aimed at encouraging tourists to visit the country to appreciate its rich tourist attractions.
“This is a welcome partnership for the Tourism Intelligence International organisation to come on board to work with us in the area of marketing Zambia’s tourism sector worldwide,” he said.
Mr Banda, who is in Montego, Jamaica, attending a conference on ‘Jobs and Inclusive growth: Partnership for Sustainable Tourism.’ said this in an interview yesterday.
He said if well harnessed, tourism had the potential to contribute significantly to economic growth, and job creation hence Government making more efforts to harness the sector.
The minister hailed United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Secretary General Taleb Rifai for his firm support to promote Zambia’s tourism prospects at the conference being attended by more than 1,300 delegates from over 64 countries.
He said Dr Rifai took time to explain to the delegates the successes of the recent UNWTO General Assembly in 2013.
Mr Banda observed that such presentation gave the country a more cordial recognition of being a tourism destination and the recent UNWTO raised the profile of the country’s tourism sector.
He said Dr Rifai’s statement would significantly help to improve on the country visibility internationally as a tourism destination in Africa.
Mr Banda said alot of interest on Zambia had been generated at the conference and the partnership with Tourism Intelligence International was a positive score for the country.

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