Makoya Supply Chain Holdings and HPE Africa share the highest standards in service delivery

Makoya Supply Chain Holdings – a leading bulk handling enterprise – delivers end-to-end supply chain solutions to diverse industries in Southern Africa, including energy, transportation, manufacturing and mining.

Stephen Malgas, Supply Chain Director of the Makoya Group, takes a look at how important it is to choose dependable suppliers of equipment and to not only focus on the features and benefits of machines.

“As a specialised service provider for rail, road, sidings and terminal solutions, we offer integrated supply chain solutions, to efficiently move various resources and commodities, from the point of origin to final destination, safely and on time,” explains Stephen Malgas. “We actively embrace technological innovations to ensure a smooth supply chain and we invest in advanced solutions to be able to increase our handling capacity.

“What’s even more critical than our investment in high efficiency handling equipment, is a good partnership with the suppliers of these machines. We need to know we have total support of the operators and direct access to managers and technical service teams. In addition, we need to be sure of a dependable after-sales service and ready availability of reasonably priced replacement parts. We need all parties to be directly involved in the equipment on a daily basis. If there isn’t that commitment, we simply don’t purchase the equipment.

“The HPE Africa team – with a solutions-driven approach to business – fulfils our support and service delivery requirements. For this reason, Makoya chose HPE Africa to supply Hyundai earthmoving equipment, which plays an important role in the movement of coal from mines to power stations and ports. Hyundai machines excel in terms of high productivity and minimal downtime, in tough operating conditions.

“We also value the Hyundai factory warranty 2 years / 3 000 hours, offered through HPE Africa. When we were introduced to the Hyundai brand almost five years ago, the HL780-9s series wheel loaders stood out in terms of consistency in performance.

“We’re committed to the Hyundai brand and the people behind the brand. We’re impressed with the dependable support Makoya receives from HPE Africa. If there is a problem, our mechanics have easy accessibility to the right people – their communication lines are always open; they also believe in relationship-building. With that being said, we congratulate HPE Africa on getting it right.”

According to Makoya, apart from the importance of sound partnerships with suppliers, it is critical that the investment in capital equipment is based on careful selection of the highest quality machinery, best-suited for specific tasks in the supply chain. We believe the total cost of ownership is crucial. Key factors, including the purchase price of a machine, its fuel consumption, maintenance requirements and safety features, are all important considerations.

Makoya operates a number of multi-user-terminals, where Hyundai wheel loaders are hard at work creating stockpiles of coal, about 5 m high and then loading coal onto rail wagons, for domestic and export markets.

Hyundai HL770-9S and HL780-9S wheel loaders are known for impressive performance in tough applications and the durability of these machine is enhanced by its fuel efficiency. Hyundai has re-designed these machines with new features for improved visibility, enhanced safety and improved comfort for the operator. Maintenance requirements are minimal.

As the preferred coal loader for Transnet Rail Freight and Eskom for over 10 years, Makoya has played a key role in the country’s road-to-rail migration strategy. The company has proved the viability of containerised rail transport for coal, by designing and implementing an end-to-end handling service. This complete containerised system is a world first and yields substantial savings for all players in the energy value chain.

Although Makoya’s current focus is on servicing the coal market, the company is also venturing into handling other commodities. Challenges are the springboard for Makoya – so watch their space and know that behind every successful company are dependable suppliers.

HPE Africa works closely with its customer to modify equipment, when necessary, to meet exact performance requirements. Field tests ensure every machine conforms with stringent quality and safety specifications and meets exact application requirements. The company also offers a critical support service that encompasses a parts, repair and maintenance facility. An operator training programme ensures optimum performance from every machine.

HPE Africa is the sole distributor in Southern Africa for Hyundai Construction Equipment, as well as McCloskey crushing and screening units and Soosan hydraulic hammers and quick couplers.

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