Managing multiple mining projects is a breeze with Passport 360

Passport 360 allows project owners to set compliance requirements and standards against multiple projects. This avoids the issue of inconsistency across sites, which often results in confusion, unnecessary travel time, duplications, cost inflation, and added risk.

The contractor community is empowered to link to projects they are working on, which gives them immediate insight into all of their specific HSE compliance requirements. “By doing so, they also automatically gain access to company-specific documentation such as policies and templates. Once completed, this can be uploaded against the specific requirements, either via mobile or Web applications, from wherever they are,” Passport 360 Director and Co-Founder Siobahn Whitehead comments.

The relevant user on the project owner’s side receives the items requiring their specific approval, again via mobile app or the web. This reduces the administration time for all stakeholders, as well as cutting costs dramatically, as there is no longer a need to drive to and from site to obtain approvals or clarity on issues.

Once all of the individual requirements have been met, the full pack may be submitted for final approval of the work flow, ensuring full compliance of the contractor. Once an item has been approved by the project owner user, the notification function kicks in, triggering an array of alerts up to the actual expiry date.

Time-saving is achieved by reducing the standing time, added to the benefit of streamlined onboarding processes, coupled with integration into the organisation’s own ERP system. “Passport 360 uses built-in robotic process automation (RPA) to optimise processes, resulting in real-time reporting that is unachievable using manual processes,” Whitehead notes.

In terms of transparency and security, granting contractors access to ERP systems is always a challenge for organisations. By creating a single layer, Passport 360 allows contractors to access information that they would normally struggle to obtain, thereby reducing the onboarding time. An additional benefit is that it allows project owners to keep track of information related to both contracting companies and their own employees.

“Our focus on seamless integration means that Passport 360 can give contractors the ability to access back-end information with negligible security risk to the corporate client’s ERP. Contractors can access restricted information via Passport 360 without accessing the client’s servers, or adding to the number of users allowed on software with user restrictions,” Whitehead reveals.

Another advantage of Passport 360 is that it reduces the risk of document misplacement. Manual safety file management and contractor onboarding increases the risk of misplacing critical documents that organisations need. Manual processes also increase the timeframe to produce important audits and reports required for operational efficiency.

“Consistent monitoring becomes extremely tedious and inaccurate due to the sheer volumes of information being stored manually. Passport 360 allows clients to create digital records, giving access to real-time compliance, document security, and the ability to ensure that all competencies are correct and valid. We strive to assist organisations in reducing their risk profiles and realising the goal of zero harm in the mining environment,” Whitehead highlights.

Passport 360 is a cloud-based platform to enhance performance in procurement and onboarding times. It allows for improved visibility with regard to compliance, time and safety, and risk management, resulting in increased productivity. This results in a safer and more productive workplace. In addition, simplified and accessible systems allow for greater participation from all stakeholders.

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