Oct 7, 2022

New opportunities in Zambian mining sector exhibited

New private entity Africa Prospect Development Zambia (APDZ) has been launched in London to showcase mining opportunities in Zambia,

Launched at the Mines and Money, this week, the company is designed to promote high quality, authentic and appealing Zambian based investment opportunities to the global mining and investment community.

Founded by Sam Mulligan in 2016, the company has spent the last 14 months cultivating and developing authentic and genuine opportunities in the Zambian mining sector.

“At Mines and Money London we have received very positive feedback from current and potential investors in the Zambian mining sector.

“We believe that it is essential for the future economic growth of Zambia that we attract new, high quality, ethical and responsible investment to the Zambian mining sector,” said  Mulligan.

He said APDZ is in discussions with a section of leading finance and mining groups.

Prior to release and launch to potential investors and partners, all APDZ projects are rigorously audited and authenticated by a MMK Legal of Zambia and BDO Zambia.

APDZ is currently promoting two highly prospective green field copper cobalt projects in Zambia’s North Western province.

However, the company is not restricted to green field project and is also developing opportunities in the Zambian Emerald, Gold and Bauxite sectors.

Meanwhile APDZ offers highly experienced company leadership, international standard corporate governance and highly experienced, Zambian focused, geological consultants

In addition, the company also proves compliant with all Zambian mining codes and regulations, environmental laws and regulations

The APDZ social enhancement programs and social partnership programs improve the livelihood of Zambians in the mineral prospect areas.

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