Oct 7, 2022

Newsletter March 2019

News from the Mineware Offices

Office News

Congratulations are in order for Esther and Dolf on their ten years at MineWare. They are currently both at our offices in Stellenbosch. Well done you two –  we look forward to the next ten!


Software – Mobile capability now available for Android and IOS

MineWare has recently rolled out mobile technology that allows relevant data to be captured  on site underground, using handheld devices. This means that daily bookings can be captured by the relevant team at the workplace, ensuring greater accuracy and shorter turnaround time.  Teams are also able to capture other safety compliance survey items such as safety check-sheets on mobile devices.
This allows teams to finish work earlier as there is no on surface data capture needed.
These check-sheets and survey items form part of MineWare’s Syncromine suite. The new mobile functionality means that this software suite is now even easier to use.

Installations and roll-outs

MineWare will be installing our Sampling software system at Tau Lekoa , a Village Main reef mine.
Our Sampling software allows a mining operation to make informed decisions about mining a certain location, as well as providing valuable data on how mineral values vary within that specific locality. The software offers customisable sample sheets, calculations, section views, plan views, peg database integration, grid data capture, data validation, auto assay upload and a graphics interface.


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