Airline ‘Chitengefys!’

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Proflight Zambia has reinforced its position as the nation’s leading local airline with a vibrant new ‘Chitengefy’ campaign to wow passengers over the next 12 months.

The airline has been working for several months on the image revamp, which emphasises its strong sense of national pride using local chitenge fabrics and designs.

Proflight’s colourful new image extends to the branding some of its offices, which have been painted with an eye-catching chitenge pattern, while cabin crew, ground and sales staff are wearing chitenge fabric accessories and customers can relax against chitenge headrests on their airline seats.

A range of corporate gifts made from chitenge fabric are being launched by the airline, including bow ties, headdresses, hair bands, ties, eye masks and pencil cases, neck pillows, wallets and bags, some of which will be used as surprise prizes placed under aircraft seats for passengers.

Chitenge is a colourful piece of fabric popular across Africa traditionally worn by women wrapped around their waist or as a headdress and used for numerous practical applications, including baby slings.

“Proflight’s #flyingthechitenge campaign amplifies Zambia’s beauty, culture and tourism,” said Commercial Director Keira Langford-Johnson. “We have updated the chitenge look to symbolise Proflight’s long 27-year history, its cultural roots as a Zambian airline and the vibrant energised airline we are today.”

The chitenge celebration follows the successful introduction of Proflight’s 50-seat Dash 8 aircraft on Independence Day, named Independence – and Ubuntungwa in Bemba.

“The incorporation of the chitenge into Proflight’s brand marks an exciting time for the airline as this aligns with our vision to encourage trade and tourism by connecting Zambia via extensive local and regional routes,” said Proflight Director of Government and Industry Capt. Philip Lemba.

“Proflight’s success is a testament to the Zambian work ethic and hospitality,” he added.

No matter the destination or the flight duration, airline crews have always carried a culture through their fashion and uniforms. These flawless outfits have evolved over the years and while some airlines represent their country’s colours others chose more diverse designs.

“The Chitenge adds style and a touch of fashion to the brand but also serves to highlight the company’s Zambian heritage,” added Capt. Lemba.

The Zambian chitenge has evolved from what was previously only worn in villages to a trend synonymous with all things cool, vibrant and trendy.

The rich mix of colours, textures, patterns have been used by designers to create masterful collections on bags, blazer, shirts, dresses, skirts and accessories, making it one of the hottest new trends on catwalks across the globe this season.

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