Airline gives future young aviator wings to fly towards his dream

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Proflight Zambia is inspiring future aviators in special ways – with young Archie Mumbika taking his first steps onboard an aircraft on his 12th birthday.
Archie turned 12 on November 1, 2018 and Proflight Zambia gave him a birthday present to remember, after inviting him and his mother, Karen Sichambya to come aboard and take photos on Proflight’s Jetstream 41 aircraft.
Proflight’s Director of Government and Industry Affairs, Capt. Philip Lemba, said: “Proflight is delighted to have had Archie and his mother aboard the aircraft on his birthday. Such is the spirit and confidence the young future aviators need to take off to the skies. Proflight wishes Archie a happy career. We look forward to seeing him achieve what he has always wanted – to become a pilot.”
Capt Lemba added: “As an airline that seeks to inspire future generations in Zambia’s aviation sector, we are always delighted to see the young ones dream big.”
Proflight’s friendly staff at Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone welcomed Archie and his mother.
While aboard, Archie had the opportunity to interact and get photos with the pilots and crew inside the Jetstream’s cockpit.
This dream come true for Archie will help push him to aim high in school to achieve the grades he’ll need to begin pilot training.
A single mum working in the hospitality industry, Archie’s mother Karen believes everything is possible in life, and wants her son to have a positive attitude towards his dream.
She said: “I am very proud of my son, and thankful to Proflight for making his dream come alive through their kindness in allowing him to discover how it really feels to be a pilot aboard an aircraft.”
Revealing neither her nor her son had been on a plane before, she said she is unsure when Archie set his heart on an aviation career, although she also admitted that she liked the idea of becoming a cabin crew member while she was at school.
“Over the years I have seen his interest develop towards aeroplanes and wanting to fly,” Karen said. “I’m very impressed with his choice to become a pilot. He has chosen such a wonderful career. I’ll make sure to support Archie in any way a single parent could to help him achieve his dream career.”
After having a good time aboard Proflight’s aircraft, Archie is very optimistic and confident about passing his grade seven exams.
His mother continued: “I will always be there for him to help him pursue his dream. Getting him on a plane was one way I could motivate him. I want him to make a difference. I have never flown before and seeing my son witness something like this with Proflight made us both very happy.”
“He had such a wonderful, exciting time on the aircraft with the crew; it was one of those moments he was very passionate about. He shared his experience and photos at his school and friends.”
Zambia’s leading scheduled airline is celebrating 27 years of operations. Proflight continues to inspire future generations of young aviators with its remarkable service and flights offered by Zambia-trained professional staff. Thanks to Proflight, the growing aviation sector is now viewed as a viable career option for many of Zambia’s brightest and most ambitious school children.

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