Sep 27, 2022


LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Six Proflight Zambia staff have successfully completed training on the airline’s new Dash 8 aircraft as part of the company’s commitment to building local expertise in the sector.

Cabin crew Lisa Mwanakatwe, Kenneth Zozi, Mwaka Favard and Happy Simasiku, Chisomo Mwenda and Chisambo Makano, are now up to speed on requirements for Proflight’s new Dash-8 Q300 aircraft.

The six join a group of 15 employees who have undergone type training for the Dash 8 aircraft, along with safety equipment and emergency procedures.

They were trained in-house by Proflight by Civil Aviation Authority (ZCAA)-approved instructor Audrey Sichula.

“Proflight is dedicated to improving the skills of all our staff, and ensuring they keep up-to-date with latest developments in the industry. We have a team of highly skilled people working to keep the airline running efficiently, reliably and safely,” explained Proflight Sales and Marketing Manager Barbara Namwila.

Proflight has been working closely with the regulator – the ZCAA – and with aircraft manufacturer Bombardier of Canada, to complete the type training on the Dash 8, to prepare for the plane’s entry on the Zambian register.

Under the training Proflight staff acquired comprehensive theoretical and practical skills in the systems, structures, operations, maintenance, repair and diagnosis of the Dash 8 aircraft.

Aircraft type training is undertaken in accordance with regulator-approved maintenance and flight operations standards, so the necessary tasks can be properly and safely carried out and the aircraft operated according to the required standards and operating limitations under its design and type certification specifications.

Since the Dash 8 plane is a new aircraft in Zambia, the airline must be familiar with the unique features of the aircraft while the type certification process is followed.

Proflight places training as a top priority to enhance levels of safety. The airline employs more than 200 employees and is dedicated in improving the industry with the addition of new aircraft and professional personnel.

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