Sep 27, 2022

ROCOL gearbox lubricant from BI helps combat water ingress

ROCOL Rapid Demulse 220 gearbox lubricant from BI.

The food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and other clean environments require NSF H1-grade lubricants for hygiene and health and safety purposes. ROCOL Rapid Demulse 220 from leading supplier is ideal for such demanding applications.

This is a non-toxic, high-performance gearbox lubricant designed especially for applications where water ingress is an issue. Here the ROCOL Rapid Demulse 220 splits rapidly from the water, which can be drained from the gearbox periodically, allowing the oil to continue lubricating.

Hence service life between oil changes is extended rapidly, as conventional oils tend to emulsify into a creamy, frothy mix that does not lubricate effectively. Such premature oil changes escalate costs and increase downtime.

“ROCOL Rapid Demulse allows for rapid water demulsification under conditions of high load and elevated temperature. It also allows for quick water drainage to reduce downtime, and has good wear-protection properties to boot. It can be used in a wide temperature range from –5°C to 130°, and is NSF H1 registered for use where incidental contact with foodstuffs may occur, as well as ISO 21469 certified,” BI Product Manager Richard Lundgren explains.

ROCOL Key Accounts Manager Richard Daley comments that Rapid Demulse 220 is anticipated to continue gaining traction in the South African market due to its capability to enhance production significantly at processing plants. In one of the first large-scale applications of the product locally, it has been slashing downtime on gearboxes at a particular client since July 2017.

“The challenge of water ingress into gearboxes is a problem that many plants and industries have to contend with, and we are able to provide an ideal solution. In terms of the food-and-beverage industry especially, increasingly stringent requirements are focusing on food-safe lubricants with regard to cross-contamination regulations,” ROCOL Product Manager Michael Daley concludes.

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