Sep 27, 2022

Safety and performance features give Milwaukee power tools the edge

Milwaukee power tools are built to last, owing to features such as compact brushless motors, in addition to gearboxes made from magnesium, and durable and heat-resistant materials that extend the lifespan of the motors significantly. Milwaukee is distributed in Southern Africa exclusively by leading local supplier Upat.

The patented Milwaukee POWERSTATE brushless motors are supported by Milwaukee’s REDLINK PLUS technology, an onboard electronic system incorporated in every FUEL tool to optimise performance and decrease overheating of the motor and batteries, Milwaukee Product Specialist Werner Koch highlights.

This revolutionary ‘smart’ system provides for full-cycle communication between the battery, charger, and motor. The system optimises performance by monitoring the internal workings of the tool constantly. In addition, Milwaukee’s advanced REDLINK battery technology optimises motor performance while under load.

“This all ensures that the battery has a 2 000-cycle warranty, which is on average five times greater than what other power tools can provide,” Koch stresses. Maintenance is minimal and mainly preventative, such as checking that all tools are dust-free and that batteries are fully charged.

The REDLINK PLUS power-management technology ensures that, when an operator pulls the trigger on the machine, the motor effectively communicates the precise power requirement to the battery for the task at hand. This is effectively a ‘smart’ system in that more power can be provided as needed, or energy consumption can be reduced if the task is not too arduous.

Therefore, users are guaranteed constant speed and performance, whether under extra load, or free-running under normal operating conditions. Such constant performance avoids any performance dips, as well as preventing any damage to the tool itself.

Milwaukee’s advanced REDLINK patented technology also optimises motor performance while under load. It monitors each battery cell for load and temperature independently, and is able to isolate cells in order to optimise overall performance.

The battery pack will continue to operate until such time as that the cell in question has cooled down sufficiently, and can be brought back into sequence to provide power. An added safety feature of the REDLINK technology is that if, the battery pack reaches 50°C, it will shut down automatically.

“What we have with all of these features and technology is a total system that guarantees the best-performing cordless power tools on the market,” Koch points out. Globally, Milwaukee offers a broad range of over 100 types of hand tools, over 120 tools operated on its M18 battery platform, over 50 tools operated on its M12 battery platform, and over 150 corded tools. In addition, Milwaukee South Africa prides itself on its comprehensive aftermarket service and customer support.

Upat’s Milwaukee product specialists also give all customers full training on the range. While the main workshop is in Johannesburg, smaller workshops in Durban and Cape Town also facilitate any repairs needed. “Not only do we want to ensure our customers use their Milwaukee tools correctly and safely, but that they obtain the maximum benefit from the brand’s technology and features,” Koch concludes.

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