Oct 7, 2022

Sandvik celebrates 50 years of Toro™ loaders and trucks

Sandvik is celebrating the 50th birthday of its renowned Toro™ family of loaders and trucks for underground hard rock mines. This name has been recognized by Sandvik customers for decades, and still today, the bull figure and the word Toro™ symbolize both a rich history and a promising future.

Sandvik celebrates 50 years of Toro™ loaders and trucks

Sandvik celebrates 50 years of Toro™ loaders and trucks

Sandvik celebrates 50 years of Toro™ loaders and trucks

The first of its kind, Toro™ 100DH, 1971

The history of the bull at Sandvik dates to September 3, 1971, when the first Toro™ loader started its engine in Tampere, Finland. It was a Toro™ 100DH loader with a ‘massive’ 1.5-tonne carry capacity. Later on, the design and production facilities moved to Turku, which became the home base of the Toro™ family.

During the years, Toro™ has become the symbol of strength and reliability for Sandvik underground loaders and trucks throughout the world. In 2020, after 15 years of dormancy, Sandvik reintroduced this old family name again, as it had never disappeared from the thoughts of the company and many of its customers, even though it had not been actively used for a period of time.

Sandvik celebrates 50 years of Toro™ loaders and trucks


Safer. Stronger. Smarter.

Today, the Toro™ family is characterized by design principles of safety, strength and intelligence. Safety is everything for those who work underground with heavy equipment, and it is the number one driver in the product design. In addition to safety of operators and maintenance personnel, the design needs to be sound from a sustainability perspective. Strength and power are at the very heart of the old Toro™ heritage and robust design, reliability and performance in the most demanding conditions are also the foundations for the current offering. The third element, being smart, evolves quickly. Sophisticated digital systems such as Sandvik’s AutoMine® and OptiMine® offerings are fine examples of intelligence, but smart solutions are needed all over the equipment, including operator ergonomics, easy maintenance access and component layouts.

Sandvik celebrates 50 years of Toro™ loaders and trucks

The newest member Toro™ LH515i

On August 31, 2021, Sandvik introduced a new i-series loader, Toro™ LH515i, which was launched in Canada. With its 15-tonne capacity, compact size, intelligence and smart maintenance solutions it is expected to meet customer demands for productivity, efficiency and digital solutions.

The Toro™ family includes loaders and trucks in all size classes and for all market areas. The key technologies are diesel powered loaders and trucks, cable electric loaders, and, as a newcomer, a battery assisted loader that is making an entry on the marketplace very soon.

Learn about hew era of Toro™ loaders and trucks from Sandvik here or learn more about Toro™ LH515i here.

For more information, please contact: Natalie Santiero, Marketing Manager, email: Natalie.santiero@sandvik.com

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