Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology chooses JDA to digitise logistics process

Swedish supplier Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology is to digitalise its logistics processes through a partnership with JDA Software Group.

JDA will create a Cloud-based, end-to-end parts logistics process to provide Sandvik with improved access to mines, and sites for construction and rock excavation.

Under the contract, Cloud-based solutions will be used from JDA Intelligent Fulfillment, including management of transportation, warehouses and labour.

In addition, Sandvik is expected to leverage JDA Consulting Services and be deployed in the JDA Cloud.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology logistics transformation manager Juha Virtanen said: “Parts logistics is a highly critical aspect of our business in getting spare parts to mining and construction sites quickly.

“Beyond needing to streamline and gain visibility into logistics flow, we needed to ensure we could deliver parts at the right time.

“Parts logistics is a highly critical aspect of our business in getting spare parts to mining and construction sites quickly.”

“We chose JDA to give us seamless integration of transportation management system  and warehouse management systems, so we could manage our processes from end-to-end.”

Using integrated transportation, warehousing and labour management solutions, Sandvik can select the most cost-efficient carrier to deliver products to their customers in an efficient way.

In addition, the partnership will allow the company to have automated carrier service optimisation and last-mile delivery visibility, as well as the ability to foresee route bottlenecks and delivery delays before they occur.

JDA Software Group EMEA sales regional vice-president Franck Lheureux said: “With JDA, Sandvik will gain increased cost-efficiency and cost control as they redefine their logistics and transportation processes, ultimately becoming a more flexible and competitive organisation.

“We’ll create a complete platform for Sandvik that will not only optimise their business, but yield increased visibility and traceability, as well as drive down losses in warehousing.”

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