Stabila, fischer makes quality cabinetry a cinch for Easylife Kitchens

From kitchen to bedroom, bathroom, bar, or even garage cupboards, ELK Faerie Glen offers total solutions from entry- to high-level finishes, Business Owner Gavin Cronjeexplains. Its kitchen units, for example, are manufactured with functionality and aesthetics in mind. This is why it is vitally important that its installation teams use only the best tools and equipment.

For example, Stabila’s LAX 50 G self-levelling cross-line laser and standard measuring tapes ensure level installation. ELK has opted for electronic levelling systems due to their ease of use, which speeds up the installation process and accuracy, especially given that audible and visual indication is provided whenever a unit is level. “The Stabila LAX 50 G laser has made our lives a lot easier,” ELK fitter Douw Cronje comments, who is now able to verify correct measurements single-handedly.

Other products from the Upat stable used by ELK Faerie Glen are fischer SXS frame-fixing bolts for all its floating cabinets, which are a superior alternative to regular bolts, as installation is quicker and neater. SXS is a high-performing, economic façade fixing for concrete and solid blocks. It is the first nylon frame fixing approved for cracked concrete.

The fixing is set with A4 stainless steel CO-NA screws for external applications and in damp conditions. These also allow for high permissible loads and bending moments, which reduces the total number of actual fixings required. All the fixings are supplied with pre-installed screw, while the integral hammer-in stop feature prevents the fixings from expanding prematurely during installation.

Upat Sales Representative Wesley Ho Tong is on hand to provide ELK Faerie Glen with all necessary technical assistance and product training with regard to Stabila and fischer. “This is an excellent example of a smaller customer that has managed to take its business to the next level due to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness offered by our premium brands,” he concludes.

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