Sep 27, 2022

Stabila laser distance measurers draw the line in underground mining

From shaft foremen to surveyors and environmental personnel, Stabila measuring equipment, distributed locally by leading supplier Upat, is finding increasing application in the mining industry.

Here the most popular Stabila product range is its laser distance measurers, Upat Technical Specialist – Mining & Utilities Clayton Dry reveals. “One of our major gold-mining clients is using Stabila’s range of rotational lasers to line-up shaft buntings.”

The most popular Stabila laser distance measurers supplied to the underground mining industry at present are its LD 320 and LD 520 models. The latter is a digital target locator with a 4x zoom, a 360° inclination sensor, Bluetooth capability for data transfer, and individually-assignable operating heads.

The LD 320, on the other hand, is distinguished by its ease-of-use, rapid measuring results and large easy-to-read digits. Its working area is 0.2m to 60m, with a typical accuracy of ±2mm and an IP54 rating for extra durability in rugged mining environments.

However, Dry stresses it is important to specify a laser distance measurer best-suited to the application at hand. “There is no use specifying a LD 320 for a shaft surveyor if he or she never has a need to measure long distances. We always look at the job designation and application when determining which product is best. This is where Upat, in particular, excels when it comes to aftersales support and technical back-up.”

Dry adds that Stabila is a premium brand, with its products designed specifically for use by highly-qualified and trained artisans. “This is a top-of-the-range brand that gets the job done quickly and effectively, increasing productivity and promoting safe working practices in mining operations,” he concludes.

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