Oct 7, 2022

Stabila sets a new standard for digital inclination measurement

A new standard for digital inclination measurement has been set with the latest digital protractors from Stabila, distributed locally by Upat. Both the TECH 500 DP and TECH 1000 DP are manufactured exclusively in Germany.
The latest digital protractors not only measure degrees of incline, whether or not a particular surface is level, but also its precise degree. “What this means is that a particular degree can be preset, and the surface levelled precisely in accordance with the measurements,” Upat National Product Specialist Charl Weber explains.

The main difference between the two models is that the TECH 500 DP measures from 0° to 90° and 90° to 0°, while the TECH 1000 DP covers 360°. The former reveals what is out of sync, while the latter calculates the exact amount.

In addition, the latter features smart data transmission to peripheral devices, featuring a RS-485 interface with a MODBUS documentation protocol and Stabila Analytics software for analysis. It includes a USB data cable with an M12 connector and a four-pin data cable with M12 connectors.

This makes the TECH 1000 DP particularly well suited to the automotive industry, where for example, it can be used to align radar systems on new motor vehicles. Upat has already secured a few pre-orders from major automotive manufacturers, Weber reveals.

The latest digital protractors from Stabila make for easy measurement and alignment tasks in a broad range of applications. The TECH 500 DP is ideal for production applications such as carrying out maintenance on or setting machines.

Long-term measurements are also possible thanks to a range of mounting options. These include a T-groove and a V-groove, plus an integrated rare earth magnet. The TECH 500 DP can also measure key values in quality assurance, while it allows for easy alignment of systems during the commissioning of special-purpose mechanical engineering tasks.

The TECH 1000 DP extends the functionality of Stabila’s digital protractor technology by allowing for the modernisation and digitisation of existing machines in production. Advanced features include measuring, recording and documenting key values for quality assurance purposes; as when carrying out maintenance, setting machines, and monitoring processes. Long-term measurements mean that position changes can be recorded when commissioning a machine, while the actual values measured can be captured in a detailed transfer report.

A digital display screen allows for optimum readability under all conditions, while the anodised aluminium measuring surfaces themselves are particularly hardy. These digital protractors are water- and dust-proof in accordance with protection class IP65. A variable power supply includes the option of an integrated lithium-ion battery.

“Precision measurement is fundamental to a range of production work. Hence it is vital that professionals are able to rely completely on the accuracy of their measuring tools. This calls for measurement technology that is robust, always accurate and easy-to-use. The latest technology from Stabila represents an unwavering focus on innovation since 1889,” Weber concludes.

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