May 25, 2022

Watericon to Install New Ultrafiltration Membrane Modules in Botswana

Another Southern Africa First:

Watericon to Install New Ultrafiltration Membrane Modules in Botswana

Watericon, a South African-based water treatment solutions company, is on track for another Southern African first by installing new ultrafiltration membrane modules on a project in Botswana.

“The Pentair Aquaflex 75 Ultrafiltration Membrane Module is the first of its kind introduced into the Southern African market. Although this module has the same footprint compared to other ultrafiltration modules in the Aquaflex range, it has increased surface area making it possible to process higher volumes of water,” says Watericon process engineer Jaco Branders.

“This reduces the capex cost of the plant as less pipe work, fittings, labour and skids are required.”

Branders says the challenge with surface water is that it is unsuitable for human consumption and by using the new technology, the treatment of the water removes turbidity, suspended matters as well as some viruses, meaning it can be used in a safe manner.
“This new technology is certainly a game-changer not only for us, but for our clients as well,” continues Branders. “This project not only will make a difference in the country, but doubles-down on our commitment to bringing world-class technologies to improve the quality of water in Africa.”

Watericon is a South African-based water treatment company providing a full range of water treatment services for the industrial, municipal and residential sectors offering everything from emergency water supply and conventional water treatment processes to wastewater reuse systems.

Watericon is committed to solving Africa’s water and associated environmental challenges in a cost-effective manner


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