Sep 27, 2022

WBX automates weighbridge process with complete logistics solution

From weighbridge to driver and inventory management and access and identification, WBX offers its customers a complete logistics solution. The holistic suite from WBX represents the next generation of receiving and dispatch software, with features aimed at optimising and automating the entire weighbridge-centric product movement process.

“Our complete logistics solution is aimed at combating the longstanding problems associated with goods receiving and dispatch,” Dariel Software Solutions Executive Director Greg Vercellotti comments.

An added benefit is easy integration into business systems, including ERP, warehousing, and manufacturing. In addition, the system is configurable to match any business process, and address business concerns quickly without having to change the system.

The WBX suite has been designed and developed to combat fraud and theft, and to speed up slow and error-prone paper-based processes based on outdated technology. It also integrates seamlessly into back-end systems and offers specific management tools.

The WBX suite covers planning a shipment by allocating drivers and vehicles to an order and/or stockpile. It encompasses driver management, vehicle management, order management, and scheduling.

In terms of inventory, clients can maintain accurate movements and balances of bulk products. It includes inventory balance, movements, adjustments, and grading. Identification ensures that the correct driver and vehicle are allocated to a specific collection and delivery. Here licence/registration scanning, number-plate recognition, biometrics, and RFID all come into play.

Access covers the physical access of drivers and vehicles to client premises. It consists of booms and traffic lights, CCTV integration, display boards, and access validation along with scheduling. Fulfilment manages the process of receiving and dispatching products over a client’s weighbridge. Features include registration, weigh-in and -out, quality control and post-monitoring.

The WBX suite is easily tailored to the specific requirements of diverse industries, from mining to manufacturing, logistics, waste management, agriculture, food and beverage, and road management, among others. Clients include Tongaat Hulett, Anglo American, African Rainbow Minerals, Road Development Agency, Foodcorp, National Foods, and Eskom.

“We can tailor the WBX suite for diverse applications, and can train staff accordingly. Our experience across a range of industries means we can advise our clients on the best processes to implement. In addition, our support and maintenance team is on hand to offer full back-up support,” Vercellotti concludes.

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